Unable to see and update windows gadget

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Unable to see and update windows gadget

Post  Rajkumar on Thu Apr 16, 2015 7:31 pm

How to troubleshoot windows gadget
Simply using a different gadget doesn’t solve the problem I’ m having I want to use this gadget.
I fixed it myself by deleting the catche for all gadget and then re-installing said gadget for anyone else with this problem, here’s how I did it.

Close the gadget
Brows to %loalappdata%\microsoft\windows sidebar\cache
Delete All the Files & Folder you find here
Reinstall the Gadget
Problem Slove (At Least for me)
Additional Notes
If you have to Uninstall the Gadget totally, you can reinstall all of the gadget that came with windows by doing he Following
Click on Start
Type in Gadget restore
Select restore gadget installed with windows
This will put back all windows default gadget

Exit sidebar.exe process via task manager
Open Run and Type
%loacalappdata%\microsoft\windows live\services\
Press Enter
Right click on the cache folder, Click rename
Assign a new name (say Cache.old)
Start Sidebar.exe


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